Q: How do I store my vehicle for the winter?

A: If you are storing your vehicle outside or in a garage on a cement pad, always put wood planks under the tires.


Q: Do you have any storage tips?

A: Make sure you pack as much as you can into boxes, wrap your mattress in a proper bag, and cover any large pieces of furniture. All appliances should be stored empty and clean.


Q: When can I access my vehicle?

A: You can access your vehicle any time during regular business hours, otherwise contact the facility manager to make special arrangements.


Q: How do I find my storage facility?

A: All the storage units are numbered. If you are renting a furniture facility they are numbered from F1 to F60. If you are storing a vehicle in a garage, they are numbered from 1 to 40. If you are using a mini storage they are located in the rear of the large building behind 1 of 4 doors and they are numbered from 1 to 85 and are on 2 levels.


Q: How should clothes and drapes be packed?

A: Clothing and drapes should be packed in dresser drawers or hung in wardrobe boxes.


Q: How should I pack dishes?

A: All dishes and glassware should be packed in proper boxes to keep them safe, you can purchase glass and dish boxes or wrap the dishes in bubble wrap or clean white paper.